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Wedding Magician

Adding a magical touch to one of the best days of your life….!

Matt’s close-up wedding magic can be an ideal element for any wedding, his entertainment being a truly magical part of the day: setting guests at ease, whilst helping to create a fun atmosphere, and bringing something a little unusual and very memorable to the occasion. In terms of the social dynamics Matt helps to fill any gaps in the day (planned or unplanned!), and is the perfect ice-breaker, bringing laughter and amazement to your guests of all ages.

Hello Matt - brilliant. You certainly entertained our guests, they LOVED it! Many, many thanks for making Kathryn and Adam's day so very special, I think we were very lucky to have found you.

Margaret Thompson

With Matt’s extensive performing experience he is happy to discuss how his close up magic might best compliment your day. Although very flexible, typically Matt will mix in with the guests and entertain them during one or more of the following times: during the photos/reception drinks, around the tables for the wedding breakfast, and at the evening party.

Some feedback from weddings

You kidding??? You were the highlight without a shadowof a doubt. The feedback we have had hasbeen fantastic and we passed your card and number onto a number of people forcorporate events (hope you didn't mind). The card thing in particular was probably one of the funniest I haveever seen!! Very funny!!. Finally - a big thankyou from myself and John you were amazing and helped to make our day very special.

Ruth Pamplin Dent


Hi Matt, I just wanted to offer my thanks and appreciationfor your “magical” services on Saturday. Our guests have told us how much theyenjoyed the humour and skill – “he’s amazing” was a phrase I overheard a greatdeal during the afternoon. Lyndsey and Phil were surprised, thrilled andenthralled – they didn’t know I had organised this treat and it transpires theyalways wanted a magician at their wedding but didn’t think they could have one– bless! I particularly liked the trick with the .... (removed so it doesn'tspoil the surprise!) – fabulous. Once again Matt, my thanks for entertainingour guests so well, very much appreciated.

David Bishop


Hi Matt I just wanted to drop you a line on behalf of Nicola and I to say a big thank you to you for your work at our wedding. Yourcontribution went a long way to making our day the special one it was. All ourguests (even the most challenging!!) were really impressed with your skills andthe way that you worked the room and my mum is still trying to work out how herwatch ended up inside a balloon!! Anyway, on behalf of Nicola and I THANK YOU and needless to say if there is anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to contact me.

Jamie Briers, Equity North West Regional Organiser -

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