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image of a wrist watch on it's side

So you think your watch, wallet, phone, keys, glasses, belt and your tie are safe...think again.

Matt’s pickpocketing skills are unique: he has possibly the fastest watch-steal on the planet, and can even take someone’s tie off and put it on himself without them knowing. Matt will surprise your guests with his deft pickpocketing techniques, and he’s guaranteed to get your guests laughing as he does it. In fact Matt often uses the moment people laugh to remove items from them. He also uses his skills as a close up magician to distract people’s attention from their belongings, but can also pickpocket whilst disguised as a security guard, as a character, as a waiter or even the MC.


A watch steal. Entertaining at Chatsworth House, home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, at the wedding celebrations for their son.
Is this mine?

HRH Prince Edward
(followed by a lot of laughter from Edward and the guests at his table at The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards fund raising dinner).

Many of Matt's pickpocketing methods are unique. He has possibly the fastest watch-steal on the planet, and can even steal someone's tie and put it on himself without them knowing!


A tie steal.


Matt has stolen the person's tie, put it on and sat down next to him. They are shaking hands just before he realised Matt is wearing his tie.
Can I keep it?

Sir Alex Ferguson
(Matt gave him the Manchester United assistant Carlos Quieros’s watch at the Opening Party of the Casino Manchester 235).

As a pickpocket one of the most important things to understand is how to include and entertain the “helper” a much as the audience as he/she is pickpocketed, so that they are never a victim. With over 10 years experience picking pockets the unsuspecting guest will often laugh even longer and harder than their friends….

Matt returns a stolen tie, allows the helper to pickpocket him, but then, unknown to the helper, leaves with his wallet.
Many thanks for your contribution Matt. The evening is still being talked about and the phrase 'watch dog' means something else these days. If you ever need a referee for your contribution to a Company dinner, please feel free to quote my contact details

Simon Reed, Business Unit Director, Anite Work Management

And finally - Matt has many amusing anecdotes of pickpocketing, including taking a wallet from a policeman’s trousers on a flight, having an MD’s phone start ringing on stage in Matt’s pocket, before he knew it was missing, and working for Crime Stoppers advising shoppers how to keep their belongings safe!