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Entertaining as a Character

Matt is an unusually multi-skilled entertainer. With over 10 years as a full-time professional, Matt has performed in different roles at all sorts of events, adapting his performance to suit themes, audiences, venues and his client’s requirements - Matt has even abseiled in to a room lit by a spotlights.

Undercover Magic     

If you are after an event with a difference, an amazing evening, full of surprises, and that your guests will talk about for a long time to come...

     007 & James Bond Themed Events

Pickpocketing Secret Service Agents, Blofeld (lookalike Andy Lochran) & Gadget Magic.

1. Meet & Greet: Two Secret Service Agents greet guests as fellow agents as they arrive. In fact their pockets are picked or loaded with surprising items of espionage – which are confiscated.

2. During Dinner: Magic Matt performs gadget-based magical effects and Andy entertains with his evil sense of humour.

Card Sharp Cowboy & Bunco Booth     

Performing as a strolling entertainer, at a table, or at his bunco booth, the “Cowboy Card Sharp” will fleece your guests. From poker, to chase the lady and the three shell game, classics of Oxford Street swindlers, watch out for sleight of hand, misdirection and downright deception. Known in card cheating jargon as a 'mechanic', don’t play cards with this man!”

     Mediaeval Jesters

For medieaval events, to suit a theme or a venue, Matt and Barrington entertain your guests during dinner around the tables and after dinner with a show fit for a King!

Hi Matt, as always you and Barrington went down a storm!”

Eleanor Smith, MotivAction